Return to the Motherland!

Two years ago, in January 2015, I decided I wanted to travel to Europe. Only two years ago resources and information about traveling with Advance Parole as a DACA Recipient was not well documented. Therefore, I had to research alone about Advance Parole and took a leap of faith.  I was successfull, I studied Italian in Italy! I learned immensely about the language and culture and about Advance Parole as a process.  I believed it was unfair for me to have all this knowledge, and others did not, thus I created this platform, along with the Facebook, Instagram, and Website to educate my community and its allies.

I have been toying with the possibility of traveling with Advance Parole under Humanitarian reasons since March, but on April 17, 2017 I acted on it. I have pondered this decision for a while because as you know Donald Trump is unfortunately the 45th President of the United States and we do not know what he is going to do in regards to DACA Recipients or even AP for those benefitted under the Deferred Action program. I am at peace with my decision, I want to take care of my ill grandmother and I also want to assist my parents with their return to Mexico.

Yes, you read that correctly, my parents are returning to Mexico after almost 20 consecutive years of being in the United States. My younger brother was deported a Month ago and he is living in Tijuana. After Donald Trump, my parents made the decision that they were going to return to Mexico because they were tired of feeling constantly hated and afraid. As my father put it “If I have to return, I want to return with dignity, and not handcuffed like a criminal, because I am not one”. It is with a heavy heart that I accept their decision, although we know that the possibility of seeing each other again soon, are slim.

I am UndocuMented. I am terrified of not seeing my parents again and my younger brother. Thus, I made the decision of risking my stay in the United States to see them, my only living grandmother, and my Native Land reunited. I am aware of the risks, I am aware that I might not be able to return to the States if the laws change or the Executive Order is terminated or modified, but I am at peace with the possible outcome. I have a Degree from UCLA and I have fought and tried and accomplished many things, and I am proud of the woman my parents have raised and I’ve become thanks to them. Perhaps this series of blog posts would be my last in the country that saw me grow up and blossom into the woman I am today, I don’t know.  However, I do not know that wherever I am, I will always keep informing and fighting for my community until I can no longer perform.

I started by asking my Grandmother to send me a Doctor’s Letter about her condition. I requested a document that stated her name, age, condition, and how the illness is affecting her quality of life. In another post, I will share with you the template I sent my Grandmother to show her Doctor and what the Physician provided.

I sent the template to my aunt via Email, and once they obtained the Doctor’s Letter she scanned it and sent it to me via Email (the Doctor’s Letter doesn’t have to be original, but just readable and complete). The Doctor also provided a list of medication and how often she must take them, and I translated both Documents and Certified them.

The next step is to prove kinship, my Birth Certificate has my Name, my Mother’s Name and my Grandma’s Name, thus I don’t need to provide any additional documents to prove that she is my family member. I will make a copy of my birth certificate and highlight my Name, my Mother’s Name, and my Grandmother’s name, and also highlight my Grandmother’s Name on the Doctor’s Letter. I will explain in the Letter of Request that she is my Grandmother from my mother’s side among other details.

Don’t worry I will make a more detailed post later, perhaps even a video detailing what I will be submitting to USCIS.

As of now, I have the following completed:

  • G-1145 (A Form that allows USCIS to send you updates about your case via Email and Text Message)
  • I-131 Form (Advance Parole Application)
  • Doctor’s Letter and Doctor’s Summary of Medications and their Translations
  • My Birth Certificate and its translation
  • Letter of Request and a Table of Content.

All I need is my two Passport Pictures and to make copies of my Work Permit and I-797….and the $575 Check or Money Order.

Wish me luck on this New Journey that I will be embarking to, I am very pleased and excited to share this new Adventure with you! I hope that everything will be ok, and that you learn from my experience and spread this knowledge to others!



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