DACA and Advance Parole with President Elect Donald Trump

As many of you know, Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated as the next President of the United States on January 20th.

Since Obama is still technically in power, we don’t know what is going to happen since Trump is not the active President yet. However we can make educated guesses based on what we know about immigration and the system.

It is quite likely that Trump will repeal all of Obama’s executive orders such as DACA, PD, and the recent 601A waiver order, we don’t know what, or if something will happen to TPS (most likely nothing).

I know that there are various different sources regarding DACA and immigration in general, one day the President Elect implies that DACA will be OK, and sometimes it is implied that he will abolish it. His administration has also stated that they will concentrate on the “criminals” or those with criminal records, BUT they are also expanding what it means to be a criminal. Therefore what is true today for someone to get deported due to their criminal record, may not be true after he takes the seat. Those with minor misdemeanors, might be considered criminals as well…so please be VERY weary. 

For those of you that need to renew, please renew. If you are already in the system and if Trump allows DACA to continue long enough, you will be able to work and be deferred for two years. Most likely he will not just take away our work permits he will just let us have them for our two years and then the program will fade away.

Initial DACA, for those that are thinking about applying for the first time please be aware that you may not be approved. Now if you are, be aware that you will be in the system. Applying is your choice. It is not recommended to apply for DACA if this is your first time by countless attorneys and non-profits and even AILA, but as said, it is ultimately your choice. 

Advance Parole, if you are already approved, travel and come back before January 20th. If you  already have AP approved travel as soon as possible and come back before January 20th.  If you are planning to apply for AP be aware that you might not get approved before January 20th, and thus you might lose your money. It is NOT recommended to travel after Donal Trump takes the Presidency on January 20th because we do not know what is going to happen. Ultimately it is your choice to travel or not after January 20th but be aware of the possible risks. 

We don’t know anything, the attorneys have different opinions regarding AP and DACA at this moment because all that can be said are based on educated guesses. If you read something different it doesn’t mean that they are uninformed, they are just trying their best to protect their clients to the best of their knowledge. All the information I have provided you today is based on DATA from various sources, attorneys, non-profits and even AILA themselves.

I would also like to say a bit about my reaction when Donald Trump won the Election.

I am numb, my parents are devastated and I am devastated. However we somehow have to grab these feelings and concentrate on fighting back, we have until January to attempt to make this awful journey less terrifying. We will experience hatred, threats, insults and we might even be in danger but you have to prevail. Now more than ever YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO NOT EDUCATE YOURSELF. Be informed to help you and those around you, because people will look up to you, specially our elders. Those that just that renewed DACA are safe for two years, those in the process…you might not get approved or might be approved we don’t know the terms of conditions yet. Those that are scheduled to travel with AP do so before January 20th, keep in mind that you might experience hate but legally they are still obligated to let you in if you did everything right. For those that can AOS (Adjustment of Status) immediately do so as well, and hope that you are under the process before he takes office so you will be safe even when DACA is abolished.

Message me or comment for any questions that I will help you to the best of my ability. Spread this message don’t let yourself or others completely panic because now more than ever we need to be in control to try to save ourselves.

I love each and every one of you


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