The Beautiful but Chaotic City of New York

After our Niagara Falls adventure, we drove to NYC.  From The Falls it is about 6 or 7 hours, we thought it was going to be an easy drive (compared to the one we had upon arrival to the East Coast) but no.  The first inconvenience was the living accommodations, I previously arranged an room in NYC at Nicholas street with a man named BLOZ at

At first it seemed that everything was perfect, when I messaged him he was polite, the reviews were amazing and the room was affordable, but when I was only 3 hours away from the location I sent a text informing him that we were on our way.  He did not know I was coming…he booked OTHER people to the room, then when I did not text immediately back, he said “be a good girl and message me” well I am sorry, but I was busy trying not to cry and I was busy driving.  


After several minutes I called him and we discussed the situation, he offered a night at his home for free, but I did not accept and was attempting to book a hotel.  After several texts I lost my temper and I insulted him because when I provided proof that I booked the room he replied with “those are very nice pictures” implying that I manipulated the photographs.  In addition, he mocked me and blamed me for his incompetence and lack of humanity.  I am aware that it was probably an error with the airbnb server, but as a host he should have handled it politely and professionally…but instead he insulted me, mocked me, blamed me, and he ENJOYED when I asked him to stop texting me, but he did otherwise and kept bothering me.  He took immense pleasure (I believe due to his insistence) that my father collapsed because when I informed him, he kept messaging me nonsense.  Thus, I have no other option to assume, he was enjoying other people’s suffering.  

He probably got a boner thinking about it. But anyway…

We got a hotel in Brooklyn, it is called La Quinta

It was affordable considering that I booked it two hours before arrival, and there is free parking if you are lucky, and if not, you may park on the street.  Just be careful of the days the cleaning take place and the times, you must move your car for the events.  It is also clean, spacious, and the breakfast is actually decent. 

The view from the La Quinta hotel! This is Brooklyn

The hotel is 10 minutes away walking from the subway station on 9th street and everything is close.  When you take the train to Manhattan remember that you are going towards Manhattan and when you return take Downtown Brooklyn.  The subway system is NOTHING compared to the one in Paris.  I believed it was going to be extremely similar but New York does not compare to Paris in terms of the subway.  It is confusing, dirty, and at times very tardy.  

Back to my dad..

Thankfully, my dad did not suffer greatly and was able to enjoy the City for a small amount of time.  Upon arrival we visited the 9/11 Memorial to pay our respects to the fallen victims.  The World Trade Center is magnificent, and it is poignant to ponder that individuals died in the exact place I was standing, that perhaps those that jumped landed on the ground I was stepping on.  It was a somber experience.  

One World Trade Center

When the Towers fell, this little chapel was untouched, which it was a borderline miracle, many people took refuge in this chapel. 

New York is absolutely stunning at night

The next day we proceeded to visit the Statue of Liberty, we bought tickets in advance and we still did not get the tickets for the crown.  Thus, if you want to go to the crown, at least purchase them 3 or 4 months prior to your visit.  If you want to visit the base, and you will not be going on a peak season, I suggest you arrive early to Liberty park and purchase them yourselves, it is not worth waiting when there is room.  

CAUTION: There are many men stopping you once you arrive to Liberty Park asking you about the tickets for the Statue, do not run away from them! They are actual workers, and their job is to provide you with assistance! 

You should definitely arrive early so you can explore the park, it is beautiful and interesting and has an amazing view.  The statue is very big, and the museum is definitely worth it, try to read all the history, it will blow you away! 

Liberty Park

The entryway where many immigrants passed through for their arrival to the good ol’ USA

The Ferry to Ellis Island

A beacon of “freedom and opportunity”….perhaps for some. Not all unfortunately.

Because I am an unashamed tourist I also visited Times Square, which it was better than I expected! 

The lights are VERY bright, and although they are just advertisements…there is something mesmerizing about the tall buildings and ads…it was amazing! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I didn’t know…I still don’t know, WHY it was amazing, because…they are just very big bright ads. Take a look: 



The best part of Times Square you say? WELL I got to meet the cast of Les Miserables and got their autographs! I was freaking out, I wanted to cry, it was literally the best part of the whole trip…it was amazing. 


Finally, the next day it was time for the fairy tale to end and come back to the harsh reality.  BUT not without visiting Central Park first! If you are planning to visit the Park, please note that you need at least half the day to enjoy it.  It is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL so take your time! By the way, Fifth Avenue ain’t that impressive. 

Impressive that there is so much beauty and greenery in the middle of a very populated city.



Yes, it is indeed a carriage.

Took me forever to find John Lennon’s “Imagine”.  It is located in the Strawberry fields, near 4th and 7th street.

It was a magical, stressful, wonderful trip! Don’t let circumstances hinder you from traveling and enjoying yourselves! Travel, eat, laugh, and enjoy! Life is short!



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4 thoughts on “The Beautiful but Chaotic City of New York

  1. Hey, can you please answer a question for me… I will be traveling with AP next Friday to Honduras and I would like to know if my mother being deported a few years ago can mess up my traveling with AP with Daca or make me a deportation target. I have a clean record and never applied for anything through immigration until age 18, I’m 21 now.

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  2. I am traveling to San Diego by plane from NJ with my family, I hve DACA and my two brothers are citizens but my parents have nothing. Can you give me any advice or information of what its like in San Diego?


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