…And the Challenges Continue (But what’s new)

All I am going to say is that life is really throwing me a curved ball.  

A few weeks ago I finally got an email from Teach For America and I was supposed to take four exams to get accreditted in California, according to my mathematical calculations I had to spend over $700 dollars in less than a month.  Even worse, they sent me the email with the exams’ deadlines, and one of them already passed (the most important one too!).

Imagine, if I had taken all the exams, grossly unprepared because they didn’t orient me in any way, and failed only ONE I would have been disqualified to be a Corps member.  There was no way I could have retaken them because the program starts in May, and the deadlines were long gone, so I would have lost over $700 and wasted a year of my life (which I already did thanks to them). 

Thus, I have decided that I will not join, which I believe to be a blessing in disguise, they have no professionalism whatsoever.  

I must say that I felt quite discouraged…but upon further thought I decided  to change my career path.  I have been thinking about it for a while, but after what happened with TFA I believe this is the best course of action. I should have stuck with it since the beginning but, I arrogantly and perhaps even naively wanted to be…different.  Everyone I know (mostly) that is in the immigrant rights “movement” either goest to Law or Journalism school and I wanted to distinguish myself for some reason (not quite sure why), thus I decided to go into Forensic Anthropology.  It was a big mistake.  I belong in Law or in Journalism, I LOVE it, that is all I do in terms of volunteer work…might as well get paid for it, correct? Besides that is what gives me satisfaction. 

I also believe this is what the Lord has intended for me, I don’t know if you believe in a higher power but I do.  I think that I will be able to glorify the God with further helping my community, and I really want to glorify Him and grow in my Spirit.  I hope I am taking the right path, not only as an individual that yearns for a career that won’t starve her to death and at least likes it and as a Christian believer.  



Guess what I did?! I have a website now! WOOOT! For those of you familiar with Advance Parole for DACA recipients and you or one of your loved ones or acquaintances wish to apply in order to travel abroad (without getting deported) I have detailed examples of the reasons for travel AND other very useful information including DACA Renewal after AP, expedite, FOIA, and other goodies! Please spread the word! The website is 


Also Follow me on Instagram both as Karla (ME) and UndocuTravelers (for pictures of the travelers, and funny memes…ha!)







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