ICE New Immigration Raids Preparedness

Hello Friends today one of my family members experienced an immigration raid on a warehouse today. Although we as a family are prepared for these situations, we were very scared, thankfully our entire family is safe. I will like to share a few tips for you and your family in case you or one of your family members or friends are detained. Please share this information to your loved ones, friends, and family and the community overall. Better be prepared than be unprepared.

1. If they come to your house, you have the right to not let them enter your home. Ask for a warrant, if they do not have it, they may not enter.

2. If they go to your workplace or other non private area DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT try to run away. Most of the time they go for specific individuals but they will take those that try to run away.

KEEP CALM DO NOT ATTRACT ATTENTION TO YOURSELF. If you are working, keep working, like normal.

3. Do not talk, just the bare mininum which is your name BUT you have the right to remain silent, that is the best option. REMAIN SILENT. They will ask you, “where are your papers?” if they suspect you, do not say “I don’t” and also do not say “I do” (saying that you do is lying to the authorities) just remain silent.

4. Text or call a family member quickly telling them the situation.

5. MEMORIZE a number of a lawyer or an organization.

6. If you are detained give someone your car keys for them to give to your family. The locksmith is very expensive they can charge over 100 dollars to open your car.

7. Have at least 20 dollars on you in cash

8. Your priority is to call a lawyer if you are detained, that lawyer can contact your family later.

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING regardless of the threats they make.

9. If you are deported make sure you have a resident or citizen friend to go and give you money and clothes or even your car (you will have to register your car). If you do not have friends that can go to the border have one of your family members send you a box with clothing and documents but I will suggest making a trustworthy resident or citizen friend.

10. Make a friend while in detention, most likely they will dump you somewhere in TJ if you are Mexican, better be with a new friend than alone.

11. Give your partner or any trusted member of your family your bank account number in order for them to contact the bank and authorize for you to use your debit or credit card abroad. If you try to use it in whatever country you are they will block your account because they will think your card got stolen.

12. Make a plan with your family about what to do in case you get deported.

13. Try to avoid cheap hotels in TJ, specially right at the border, it can be a dangerous place.

I know this is pretty standard, but sometimes we do not think about these things. Be prepared, and talk to your family about it. Today was very scary, and although we were prepared…it does not compare to the fear we felt. So please educate yourself and your loved ones and friends about the steps to take and make a comprehensive plan for the worst. Stay strong my friends, these are scary times.


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