Traveling with AP for the Second Time?

Hello fellow Undocutravelers! It has been a very long time! I hope you are well and full of life! I will be writing again soon (hopefully) I am working on a opportunity! I will let you know more on Friday (Praying for it to happen). 

I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding Page 2 Part 3 questions 4a-4c regarding reentry permit for those that are applying for Advance Parole for the second time. 
For those of you applying for Advance Parole more than once do not mark “yes” but rather you must check “no” on question 4a.
The reason for this is because Advance Parole is granted to a person that does not have permanent resident status or a status in general like DACA recipients and TPS.  Meanwhile a reentry permit is for those with permanent residency, the documents also differ in appeareance, AP is a single paper with your picture and details about what it is and the dates granted for our trip; while the reentry permit looks like a passport. In addition Advance parole is not a refugee travel document, thus, you check “NO”.
If you are applying for Advance Parole for the same reason you applied before you still need to write a memo explaining where, when, and who you are visiting (or work or education, whatever you reason is) and you must include the proper evidence again.
For those that are going under humanitarian reasons for the same purpose, explain on your memo why you need to be issued AP for the same purpose once more.
Advance Parole 
Reentry Permit

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