UndocuVisiting Notre Dame, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, and Harry Potter!

Finally some sun on the beautilful and chic but gloomy city of Paris! So we decided to go to the cemetery 😀 according to the Internet, cemeteries are a popular hang out place for the Parisians.

They were not joking! There were people having mini picnics with their kids, they also seek the resting place of famous people and pay their respects, I thought it was really cool!

I love cemeteries.  They are somber and beautiful, I like the quiet and the history, there are tomb stones that are hundreds of years old!  Some people think is morbid or weird but I don’t know why people feel uncomfortable with cemeteries…their dead, no big deal.

I visited Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, and Chopin, make sure you either print a map or get one because Pere Lachaise is 44 hectares and is almost a mini city, take macaroons with you and just enjoy the peacefulness.

Jim Morrison! the tomp is protected by a gate and a security guard…but still people attach shoe laces on the gate and when the officer goes to the restroom or something even jump it to give him flowers and pastries. 

We sat on a bench in Pere Lachaise and ate our macaroons

Oscar Wilde 

There is even a Holocaust section

We also went to the Harry Potter expo, and me being the biggest HP fan loved it! They had the sorting hat! I am obviously a Slytherin, they had the Hogwarts express, the great hall, and the costumes and props of the characters! They even had a mandrake! When I pulled it out of its pot it cried really loudly…it was awesome! Too bad the souvenirs were hella expesive 😦 I wanted to buy a wand, but I am poor :/

Sirius Black

Me holding a mandrake 😀

The one we all hate more than Voldemort

Professor Snape

He who must not be named.


The Horcruxes

Representing my House!

One word..KRUM


Crying Mandrake!

At the end of the day (already sprinkling) we visited Notre Dame! Well that is the most beautiful church ever! There is a huge line to enter the church because it is FREE, but do not worry, the line goes surprisingly fast! If you want to go up the stairs it is 15 euro I believe, I didn’t go up there because I was running out of money.  Make sure to go around the whole perimeter and even the park and just walk, the church is huge and is amazing once you walk the whole circumference because you find something new and unexpected, make sure to look up and zoom in with your phone in order to see the gargoyles like the ones in Hunchback of Notre Dame!

This is inside the church, please do not talk inside the church because you will be hushed, there are people praying in there! Also dress modestly, as in no super short shorts because they will make you cover up.

Today we decided to try Parisian pastries, we went to a little coffee shop near Notre Dame…you have to go! It is delicious and wonderful! I recommend getting the drink with three pastries for 13 Euro! Ask for an extra cup and share with a friend if you are too poor! Here is a picture and the info lol


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