Goodbye France! Hello home…

All fairytales end, and we have to go back to reality.  This is it, my short adventure is over.

Today was also a very cold day and I got a bit sick, so we walked around Paris and admired the sights one last time, close to Notre Dame there is a “Love Lock bridge”, my friend Erick got us one with our initials on one side and “SOT (Spirit Of the Traveler)” on the other side.  According to Erick that is a testament of our friendship and our promise to try and keep traveling:

Erick, Karla, and Monica 

Spirit of the Traveler

Locking our friendship 

Since I am not a fan of polluting the Seine River, I told Erick and Monica if we could keep the key, which we did.  I must admit I feel a bit guilty of leaving the lock there, but that was an important and desired activity for my friends so I went along with it, it was very sweet and a bit sad, but it was a nice bonding moment.  We visited the tower one last time, and this time we admired it by afar, from the steps you see across the street, that area is cool because there are performers there and you can enjoy a show, cheese, wine, and friends.

We went to dinner near Notre Dame as well, we got an amazing deal! only 16 Euros for a three course meal! A starter, the main course, and dessert.  I got a very popular and typical cheese/onion soup (sounds weird, but Lord was it delicious), stake with potatoes and sauce, and creme bulee.

The name of the restaurant

We also walked the edge of the river, where it has sand to make it seem like a beach, there was music and dancing, bachata from all things! Latino music is very popular for some reason in Europe right now! We saw the people from all ages dance and we even danced a little ourselves!

This particular dance was not bachata I just found it funny because it is very similar to “El Caballo Dorado” of the Mexicans

It was a wonderful experience and I am very grateful for this opportunity! Thank you France!

A word of caution, French people are very different from Italian people, they are quiet and are not approachable like the Italians, in fact they come a bit rude when you nicely ask questions.  We asked, on two different occasions, where the restroom was and they both told us to look for an information booth and ask there…be prepared for some of that attitude, also if you are cheap and want to split the check they will sometimes look at you with disdain but after a while you get use to it so no big deal.  Make sure you know what you are ordering when you are finished looking at the menu, if you hesitate they will leave and won’t come back until they think you are sure you know what you want.

Time to go home…hope everything goes well…also I miss my mom’s cooking!

Thank you for reading my experience! I hope in the near future I have more stories to tell you! Perhaps since I am from Los Angeles I will write on where to go in the City of Angels? Don’t know! But it is my wish to tell you so much more of my adventures abroad! A girl can dream! 

My next post will be on the process of entry with Advance Parole hopefully it is useful for you and you will find your fears appeased!

Good Luck!



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