Undocutraveling France Versailles!

You know those “historical” movies about Kings and Queens and concubines and a Princess and Prince? Or fictional films about a wonderful, oh-so-handsome prince falling in love with a normal girl like in “The Prince and Me”.  The pretty dresses and the wonderful palace with its stunning gardens, and then you imagine yourself in that position and pretend you are a Princess?

That is exactly how I felt when I visited Versailles.  From the Hostel we took train 6 and 5 (1.80 euro), then we took train “N” that is 7 Euro roundtrip to Versailles, once there we walked straight until we saw the HUGE area where the palace is located.  It is magnificent, the gates are painted gold and although it was cloudy the gates were almost shining! When traveling we usually leave the airbnb or hostel early but it was cold in France so we woke up a bit late, that was a mistake, if you are smart, you will not do what we did.

The lines are ridiculously huge with hundreds of people it was terrible.  We bought the tickets to enter the grounds and it costs 25 Euros to go into the palace, the gardens, and Marie Antoinette’s villa, if you can buy those online that is the best option because you will have to wait in line to buy the tickets AND then wait to enter the palace, which is a nightmare.  We visited Versailles on a Sunday which is more expensive than week days, so I suggest you go on a Monday, and if it is not raining to go late and stay for the fireworks…we couldn’t do that 😦 but you try to enjoy.

Bring an umbrella.

While in line it started raining, and in minutes it turned into a terrible down pour, we got soaked and it was super cold, it was horrendous, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.  At least half an hour later of wait we finally entered the palace and is beautiful…crowded…but beautiful, you will see the royal chambers, guest chambers, studies, art, actual furniture (which is amazing how well-preserved they are), and a fantastic view of the gardens.

The gardens are too huge, you will not see everything in a day, they are incredible and go on for miles, over 700 hectares of land! You will have to go everyday for a week to explore one-third of Versailles.

It was pouring rain, Monica and I were huddled under my mini umbrella the whole time, freezing our behinds but we still had a blast! We walked the gardens until we reached Marie Antoinette’s villa and it so cute! But it is far away, when you exit the Palace admire the fountain and go down the stairs and just walk straight (but do go into the side gardens if it is not raining) you found it when you see a gate and a beautiful mini pink Palace. I cannot believe she had that for herself! I have to say though, if it is raining a lot rent a little car that you can drive inside the garden area, it will be faster and you will not get wet, or you can walk to Marie’s Villa and then take the “train” back to the palace (6 Euro).

Here are a few pictures:

The entrace, as you can see the lines were huge before we got the tickets, so it got bigger once we actually got in line. 

This is inside the gates

Want to Slytherin? LOL King Chambers

Look how huge they are! This is not even a fourth of the beauty and hugeness of Versailles

Marie Antoinette’s palace

Everything is pink!

As you see this is not even a minimal part of Versailles but it is stunning, sunny or not!


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