Undocutraveling San Marino-last Italian stop

On my last day in Italy I decided to go to San Marino with my roomate Crystal.

San Marino is so cool and charming! It includes 2 castles, it has its parliament, and even a pantheon! When we visited they had a medieval fair! People dress like the era and even had music and mini productions! There are vendors on the castle grounds with all sorts of jewelry, leather items, clothing, swords, and even kitchen items!

If you are going to visit all the castles and towers get a San Marino pass where you can visit everything, which you can achieve in a day because the place is tiny.  On the castles there are people dressed as peasants letting you hold their swords and just observe a representation on medieval life.

The town itself, where people live, is modern because it burned down completely so they had to rebuilt, so it is a bit different from Rimini.

Here are some pictures:

My roomate making her own jewlery

Medieval cosplay!


Me trying to be queen Susan of Narnia

The sword

I am a witch guys

Well here concludes my Italian adventures.  My heart hurts, Italy was so beautiful and I am very sad that my adventure is almost over…enjoy every second of it!


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