Undocutraveling Urbino!

I sprained my ankle.

I bought these gorgeous leather shoes in Rimini so I felt all sophisticated but then I didn’t see the sidewalk and I do not know what happened but down I went.  It hurt! So I went to my room and was a hermit for the remainder of the day and massaged my foot.  That happened on a Wednesday so the next day we had a field trip so there I went with a sore ankle.

I was dying, that’s true, but who cares! It was Urbino! The birth town of Rafaello! Yes Rafaello! Is a tiny town but beautiful and full of history! If you have free time you should go to his birth home and enjoy the museum, also you will visit the Palazzo Ducale and is pretty fantastic because it has original works of young Rafaello, you get to see the first masterpieces for free! if you have time you should venture to the Oratorio di San Giovanni Battista as well.

I leave you with this:

This is in the castle, downstair where they had the horses and food items.

We had a modeling photoshoot! 


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