Undocutraveling the Vatican!

On my last day in Rome I decided to visit another country, the Vatican.  I was very excited to go because my parents were excited for me to go 😀 My folks are devout Catholics, and as a present for my graduation they gave me a gold rosary which I blessed in St. Peters.  I thought the Vatican was going to be bigger, but it was actually small, I am not saying that is tiny is just smaller than I imagined.  It was beautiful nonetheless!

I suggest you buy the tickets for the Sistine Chapel online and print them, but if you don’t have access to a printer you may buy them at the city, just go early because the lines are BIG.  The tickets are scheduled so if you wish to have lunch you may pick a time that best fits your needs, we choose the 11:00 am ticket.

We arrived pretty early at the Vatican so we paid for the tickets at the city, I suggest you go to the Dome and instead of taking the elevator (more expensive) to take the stairs! Is a cool climb because you get to distort your body in different places because of the circular structure! There is a part that you have to grab a rope in order to not fall! Pretty cool! The dome, the Sistine Chapel and the museums (which is one and the same [chapel and museums]) are the places to go! You will be in awe because the Vatican really has a piece of each period of history! Also their gardens are incredible!

Honestly if you can go visit the Sistine Chapel and the museums do it around 11:00 because it is huge and you will get hungry by the time you exit, so take plenty of water and snacks!! Also do not take a backpack they will force you to leave it in a room.

Do not get impatient when you enter the museums, it is a long and crowded walk to the Sistine Chapel but once you are there you will be amazed! Michelangelo was incredible and the Last judgement is just breathtaking, there are no words to describe the beauty! Also you may stay inside the chapel as long as you want, they even have seats for you to enjoy.

You must not talk loudly during your stay at the Sistine Chapel, and most importantly DO NOT TAKE PICTURES a lot of people do not obey that rule…and they should.  Even if it has been your dream since childhood to see the Last Judgement, do not photograph the art because you are in a different country and that country has its rules, they do not let the public take pictures for a reason.  Just try to respect the art and the country please! 

Here are some pictures of my journey:

The view from the dome!

You should definitely go up the dome!

On the roof!

This mummy is located at the Vatica Museums is from my favorite ancient civilization! My wonderful Egypt!

Finally this beauty! 

Also since the Vatican is literally another country I was worried about the passport stamp but the guards didn’t even acknowledge us so all was well!


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