Undocutraveling Rome!

As you know we have Italian Monday to Thursday, we are dismissed at 12:00 pm but today, out of all days, we were delayed.

Erick, Monica, Priscila, and I were anxiously waiting for the end of class so we could haul butt to the hotel and pick up our belongings and catch the train for Rome before 12:30 pm.  We always get out of class on time, but on Thursday, for some reason people decided to ask a lot of questions and we ended up leaving the classroom at 12:10.  To make it even worse that weekend was full of stress because we had a lot of homework assigned and we had a quiz to study, but we chose to go to Rome anyway, because if not now…well for some of us never!

There you have us, almost running to the hotel, we run up the stairs to my room on the first floor and grabbed our duffel bags and rushed to the train station.  Good thing that the station is literally 5 minutes walking from the hotel, you just walk towards the right and then cross the street and there you are, because if not we would’ve never made it.

In our hurry, we boarded the wrong train, so by the time we noticed we were in Ancona.  Since we were supposed to board two trains we thought we could just catch a train that goes to Rome, but it turned out that the only one we found was a high speed train, we had no choice but to board that one and had to pay the difference! That was 22 Euros!  Adding to our bad luck, there were delays that day so a 4 hour ride turned into a 7 hour trip to Rome! We left Rimini at 12:30 and we arrived to Roma Termini at 7:30! Then we had  to walk to our airbnb and we reached our destination around 8:15.  We were exhausted, so after making ourselves at home, we went to dinner to a little place called “La Laurea” it is close to the university, the place was so nice and nobody spoke English so it was a very rewarding and cool practice opportunity!! The best place about that place is that is amazingly cheap! You can eat and drink wine for 10 Euros! Amazing!

The next day we woke up bright and early to have breakfast, then we took a bus to the center of Rome! There we discovered the most fantastic views! We were greeted first by the Capitoline Hill, that is a gigantic building that has two museums and even a chapel where we saw a wedding! It has fantastic views and is just stunning because it is white and huge and with a lot of detail! We went to two museums in there and went to church as well, where out of a sudden, a bride and a groom showed up and we got to attend their wedding! It was absolutely marvelous!! Here are some pictures: 

Capitoline Hill, look at that beautiful flag!

The wedding! I was freaking out lol I was so excited to be at their wedding haha

After our wedding adventure we proceeded to go to the Coloseum, I must admit it is not as big as I imagined! But it was glorious! There were huge crowds though so it was very claustrophobic, you must make a line in order to purchase the tickets to go in but if you go relatively early then you won’t wait for long because the crowd flows fast and nice.  It is kind of amazing how a structure that old and in the middle of a modern and important city is still standing and in a good condition, people walk through there everyday all day, thousands, millions of people, is incredible.  One thing I did not like is that it is tagged! People write their names where people wait in line or even carved them with their keys and is hideous! Don’t do that guys! Respect the Italian monuments and history! Don’t mess up their beautiful history! I was very angry 😦 

When I went to the Coloseum I was expecting to see the actual arena, the floor, where the gladiators fought, but no.  In this picture it is showing the lower part where they kept the animals and human participants and do you see the “floor” towards the back? Well that is the arena, what they did is that they uncovered the whole thing! 

After the Coloseum we went to the Palatine which is in front of the structure, do not fear, you don’t have to spend extra money because it is included when you bought your Coloseum ticket.

This is a really cool place because it is huge and it has a garden and amazing ruins of palaces and courts to stare at! Dare I say that I enjoyed this part more than the Coloseum itself! Although I am sure the same amount of people were in the area, it felt as if we were alone because it is big enough to walk freely without bumping into someone’s kid.

Palatine structure

Finally, we went to the legendary Trevi fountain made famous by Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Lizzie McGuire the movie! And last but not least the Pantheon! Unfortunately for us, the Trevi fountain was under maintance and it was not filled with water, thus shattering our hopes and dreams of ever finding a Paolo to take us away with his vespa and make a wish by throwing a coin to the water 😦

The Pantheon, this place is amazing because I can’t believe that it has such a remarkable history of Paganism and Christianity and is also a hang out place in the middle of a Piazza…lol

How sad.  All I wanted was to pretend I was Lizzie McGuire.


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