Pic nic and undocutraveling to Ravenna!

I am tempted to end this post by just typing this word and let you google it, Pic Nic.

Yes Pic Nic is the best restaurant in Rimini (maybe not, but for us it was).  According to professor Harrison Pic Nic was the favorite restaurant of Fellini! So even though some of his films were very strange for my liking, his tastebuds were ON POINT.  I love Pic Nic the food is good, pasta, pizza, salads, dessert, and the best part?  Not pricey! The place has two components in doors and out doors, and the set up looks almost elegant!  We usually ordered water but there are a variety of wines and beers, the waiters are attentive and is just a great place to relax and eat! You should definitely check it out! Another good place I heard was a Thai food restaurant close to the Hotel, but we never went there because we refused to eat non Italian food! lol

You should check it out, it is very worth it!

This is the glorious Pic Nic! Yum!

This week I went to a city called Ravenna, it was the capital of Western Roman Empire until its collapsed in 476.

The city is small but it is breathtaking! It is also the home of Dante’s grave which the nerd in me loved!


This is a church, so the church that we went to is actually sinking, so this is the original floor (as you can see) but it is underwater! You can actually see it! 

The resting place of Dante, the author of one of the world’s greatest pieces of literature the Divine Comedy, or AKA Dante’s Inferno.

So this is an interesting story, Dante is in Ravenna, but the bones have never been studied and the only thing that backs up the story is that a Franciscan priest declared that it was indeed Dante’s bones.  Mmmmm, I guess we will know if that is indeed Dante in 2021 when his bones are examined by modern technology! We are rooting for you Ravenna!

Italy is an amazing place, literally in every corner there is a piece of history that you cannot find anywhere else, amidst all the modernization you find treasures that the Italian people are accustomed to, it is almost unbelievable that people live right next to that scintillating history.  Everytime you visit a place reflect on that, and your trip will almost feel magical.


2 thoughts on “Pic nic and undocutraveling to Ravenna!

  1. I just spent the past hour reading your blog. Your AP story/journey is so inspiring! Could you please explain how the process of coming back to the US went? I think that is the scariest part…


    1. Hi Veronica! I will definitely post about my experience in a couple of days! Bear with me! I do have a summary of my experience coming back to the U.S in my “undocutravelers” page in Facebook! Thank you very much for your comment!



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