Undocutraveling to Venice!

Hello guys! I am sorry for not posting sooner I have been busy with school! But here you go!

On Friday morning Erick, Priscila, Monica (new friends! :D) and I woke up very early to go to Venice.  The trip wasn’t so bad, in total it took around 4 hours to get to Venezia, we chose the second class slow train and it was comfortable…but hot! We booked airbnb for our trip again because we didn’t want a hostel but we did not want a hotel either so airbnb was a nice third option (for links on our airbnb bookings see previous posts).  We arrived at the Mestre train station (not in Venice but on the mainland) an hour earlier than expected so we had to wait at the McDonald’s inside the train station, the food is not very expensive so we ate a snack while waiting.

Milana (our host) was such a lovely lady! She picked us up from the train station! She is very talkative and charming, she showed us where the bus stop was for our Venice trip (only 20 minutes away! And less than 2 Euros) and even took us to the places we should go eat! All the things that we needed were within walking distance to the apartment.  The “room” was amazing because it wasn’t a room it was the ENTIRE apartment for ourselves! Two rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, the livingroom, and even a patio! It was honestly absolutely perfect, the only draw back was that there was NO INTERNET which made our lives hard since we had homework due on Monday, other than that it was wonderful! 

After Milana left we took a quick shower and snacked on the croissants she gave us (yes she fed us AND even left food on the refrigerator and coffee), we decided to visit the island.  We left around 3pm and got to Venice around 3:20/3:30, Venice is beautiful! You could see the gondolas and the water taxis, so we immediately started walking and looking at souvenirs.  We dedicated ourselves to just walk the narrow streets of the city and explore, but we were also aiming for piazza San Marco.

What can I say about Piazza San Marco…stunning, incredible, I can’t describe the beauty.  It was huge! I actually cried, I wanted my parents to be there that I couldn’t contain my sadness.  Don’t get me wrong, I was happy but at the sametime I was very sad that my parents, specially my dad couldn’t be there to witness the majesty of the piazza.

Let me show you the beauty.

See it and weep guys

Gondolas and the nice romantic narrow alleyways of water do exist

Look at that, Piazza San Marco

One thing I should warn you about, the vendors are annoying as hell they will stop you every five minutes in la Piazza, so just be curt and say “non grazie” because they can persevere on their quest to sell you stuff.  

After we witnessed the beauty of San Marco we went to eat, but an unexpected event happened…it rained and HARD so take an umbrella just in case because it was sunny and hot but it poured, it seems that it is a common occurrence so be prepared.  We went to eat to this tiny place and we had pasta, I didn’t even see a name but it was cute and inexpensive and most importantly delicious!

Mmm pasta!

Funny thing that happened to us, so we were supposed to get a specific bus to get back to our aribnb, but we took the wrong one! So there we were on the bus when 40 minutes later we realized that it was too much time and not the right way…so we got off, to make it even worse my phone was dying and I was the only one with data! So it was 11ish  pm and we couldn’t buy a ticket for the bus because everything was close so we just got in without paying…then we realized that the bus did not go to Malcontenta but just next to it because our bus did not run anymore after 11…so we had to get off the vehicle as close as possible to our place.  

It dropped us off in the middle of NOWHERE. We had to walk, with a dying phone, an hour to get to our apartment…Lord was it scary! When we got to our place we opened a wine bottle and celebrated that we didn’t get kidnapped like taken…don’t do that guys, don’t be like me.


2 thoughts on “Undocutraveling to Venice!

  1. I love using Airbnb! You meet locals and live in actual apartments! I stayed in one in Brussels, Belgium and it was perfect for a big group! Seems like you had an adventurous trip!


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