I thought Italian was going to be easy…nope. Undocustudying.

Sorry for the delay ya’ll! I have been busy being a student 😦

Oh my gosh that was FAST.  If you think that a study abroad program of only a month will not be as difficult because you are not at the UCLA main campus…let me tell you friend, you are WRONG.  I went through TSP (transfer summer program from AAP) and I believed with all my being that it was too fast and stressful and never again would I put myself through that…well I did it again without realizing it…but worse.  No joke, you should watch the videos I suggested previously and the Duolingo app because they are very helpful resources to get you started on the language.

We arrived to Rimini with our friend Riann around 7:30pm on Sunday, on Monday morning I had breakfast with my roomate around 7:15am…the breakfast is just amazing! I mean YUMMY.  They have ham (various types), cheese (two types), fruits (watermelon, melon, peach, oranges etc.), nuts (lots lots of nuts), three types of juices (I don’t even know…I think one might be pear lol), water, COFFEE ( do not sin by drinking the one one from the macchine, they will ask you for a hot drink and just ask for whatever you want), they have so many breads! From toast to croisants with nutella inside…I love breakfast 😀

Although I drank a delicious capuccino, I was exhausted, me and everyone around me, so I did not feel as guilty.  Our professoressa Heather immediately only spoke to us in Italian from day one, the moment the clock said 9:00am we learned verbs and greetings, the alphabet, numbers, even months…be prepared.  Heather even assigned homework the first day of class! It was hard, if you know Spanish that is good because the languaged are similar and it will help you, BUT there will be times that you WILL get confused and that is a no no.  One of the most common ones that happened that first day of school were the sound “ch” in Spanish is “che” as in “cha cha cha” (the dance and genre) but it has a hard sound of “C” as in “cat”.  Another mistake is the phrase “ho una dOmanda” take notice of my emphasis on the “o” the reason for this is because instead of saying “domanda” people say “dEmanda” lol the Spanish word for a law suit or a command.  And another one that makes the professoressa’s little hairs stand up is “pEr favorE” NOT “pOr favor”, if you avoid these you will be fine 😀

After our Italian class which was so long, oh and make sure you have the book, you will use it..ALL day from the start, we had a 2 hour break before our Fellini class.  Use that break to explore the piazza and find lunch, there is a piadina restaurant on the piazza with the fountain that is very good, only 5 Euros! You also want to take a water bottle, there are water fountains everywhere in Italy so you can save on water in the restaurant.  Something that I must warn you is that there is a table charge sometimes in the food establishments, the one that I suggested about the piadina has no table fee.  The table fee depends in price sometimes it might be 2 Euros or 1 Euro and other variations, but do not freak out that means that you will not have to tip…oh yes, you don’t have to tip in Italy! If your receipt does not have a table or service charge, if you want you may tip, but if it does…then do not tip, up to you though.

The Fellini class was very long, it does not have a fix time, the class ends when the movie ends, that means that on the longest move La Dolce Vita you will be out of there by six…so drink coffee.  Fellini is a very interesting individual, so be prepared for weirdness, in addition make sure to read the articles, the book is not that necessary since you only read chapters 1-3 and 13 (unless the syllabus changes) but download or print the articles because you will be quiz on them everytime you have class and they are part of your grade!!

I think the jet lag hit me here in Rimini because immediately after class I took and nap and it turned into a deep slumber, I went to sleep at 6 and woke up the next day at 6 lol

Look at my magnificent breakfast!

Can you say.. YAAAS?!


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