Undocustudying in Rimini!

My continuous undocutraveling adventure slowed down for a but my new cool things were coming!

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end…it was time to face reality and start my classes at Rimini! I am not complaining though I am one of the few lucky people that get to say “oh yaas I went to Italy to study during the summer” so I am happy to learn Italian and appreciate Federico Fellini’s films.

Erick and I woke up at 8 am on Sunday June 28 and packed our belongings…when I say you should pack light I mean it…it was hard to drag our suitcase down the stairs (albeit it was easier than carrying it up!).  Erick is a champ he helped me carry my suitcase down the stairs! He is strong because those stairs are steep, narrow ,and there is a lot of them! We had to walk with our suitcase to the subway, which it was better than I thought because they are wider than the trains, when we got to the train station (Garibaldi) we bought our ticket for the slow train because we were running out of money.

There is not a big difference in comfort between the fast train and slow train, besides the speed, so if you are trying to save money I definitely reccomend the slow train! Keep in mind however that some don’t have air conditioning so if you get hot easily you might want the fast train…although even those are not properly equipped with AC.  Also the one we got was designed to travel during the night because it was separated in “rooms” those rooms shelter six people and you are assigned your room and seat number.  At first I was worried about the arrangement because Erick and I did not get the same room number, but Italians are very friendly that even though they didn’t speak English they offered me food (2 sandwiches and a bag of cookies to be exact) and the guy was handsome lol it was a good experience.

The ticket cost us around 35 Euros to get to Bologna and from there we purchased another ticket of 12 Euros for Rimini.  Erick and I were considering to upgrade our slow train ticket to a faster train because we realized we were going to be late for orientation, so I left my suitcase with him and I went to find out if an upgrade was possible, when I returned to him (without an upgrade) I was very pleasantly surprised to see Riann with him! Riann is our friend from the UCLA transfer program from 2 years ago, she was also attending our summer program! She was very relieved to know that we were arriving late with her! We took the train to Rimini central station (it just says “Rimini” on the ticket machine) and four our surprise it took us an hour to get to our destination.  During our ride, a Sicilian man approached us and started a conversation with us, at first it was enjoyable, but then he turned out to be very annoying because he was making suggestive comments about Riann, it got to the point that we were hoping he’ll leave soon…but he did not.  After an hour of senseless chit chat with the man, and tired calves (we didn’t take a seat the whole journey because our suitcase was in the way of people) we arrived to Rimini, we were worried about the trip to Hotel Napoleon but it is actually very easy to get there and literally 5 minutes walking from the train station.

Once you exit the station cross the street and turn right, just walk straight and you will arrive at Hotel Napoleon (yes it is that easy!)

As we were entering the building we saw professor Harrison and he greeted us and told us to meet the group in 10 minutes because he was going to show us points of interests about the city.  The check-in process of the hotel was very easy, we just gave them our names and they gave us our room key (my roomate was in the room so I didn’t get one…I’ll explain later), oooh word of caution, everything in Italy is very small, the elevator was so tiny that I barely fit my my backpack and single suitcase! I am lucky because my room was at the 1st floor so it wasn’t for long.  I entered my room and met my roomate Crystal, at first I thought she didn’t like me because she was very serious and seemed mad, but I later found out she was feeling ill due to jet lagged, she is actually the best roomate someone can ask for!

So first things first, there is only a single room key.  When you go out and your roomate is not in the room you must leave your key on the front desk so she or he can ask for it when they return, that is a bit of an inconvenience because if your roomate is sleeping then you have to wake her/him up :/ not cool.  Also every room is different, some have amazing restrooms, others have small closets, some don’t have chairs, others do etc. So do not be surprised if your friend got a better (or worse) room than yours.  One thing that they all have in common is that they are small, but they are comfortable and most importantly CLEAN, they also offer ammenities such as towels, shampoo packets, soap, and body wash…but the coolest of them all is that it has a mini fridge!

A few minutes after my arrival I went downstairs and went on the orientation, we just walked around and he showed us where the bank was located (to be safe use the Banca di Rimini rather than Che Banca! or Banco populare) he also showed us cool buildings to visit, but most importantly he took us to dinnner (I was starving).  The beach is really close to the hotel so there are plenty of places you can go to! I haven’t explored the options yet but I will let you know!

It was an exhausting day but very exciting because this is a new adventure!

P.S.  Rimini has a festival every year called La Notte Rossa where people wear pink and party at the beach! During that time even the streets are pink!  

A random street with PINK lights!

They seriously take the Notte Rossa seriously!


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