Undocutraveling to the Island of Capri

This is my first real adventure in Italy! This is by far my favorite journey followed by Venice! So hope you undocutravelers or undocutravlers allies enjoy it! God bless!

When we were on our way to Napoli, Erick met a Malaysian young man named Ali and we became buddies, so we planned to go to Island of Capri the following day.  We woke up bright and early at 6:15 am and we walked toward the port in Napoli, as usual we had a very hard time finding the location so we asked a man on the street for directions, out of a sudden six people were around us! I have noticed that the Italians are very nice when you approach them to ask for directions! They usually appreciate when we try to speak Italian! So try to learn some common phrases!

After we found the port we met with our friend Ali and he directed us to buy the ship “biglietto” (ticket),  we took a ship called Caremar that was going to sail at 7:55 am so we arrived at the port at 7:30 and bought our tickets, they cost 28 Euros! Although it was a bit pricey it was worth it because the ship was VERY big and it had seats on the deck so we can see the ocean, it has two “floors” one on top and the other one downstairs, they also had one bench on the side of the boat.

This is the ship but not the one I took, I forgot to take a picture of it but this is it!

The boat ride was an hour to Capri Island, I recommend you sit on the side of the ship because it is signficantly less crowded, it has a fantastic view, and is quiet! The only drawback is that it smelled of fuel because of the vents, if that smell bothers you there are plenty of amazing seats on the deck!

The journey was very peaceful, the ocean was beautiful it was BLUE, as in not gray like the U.S but vivid blue!  I was so relaxed that I fell asleep and when I woke up…I was in paradise! The city is so cute, the water is like the blue lagoon movie, and the weather was nice, hot but not too hot.

This is what I saw when I woke up! This is my picture, as you can see the water is oh so blue

Ali told us that he bought a tour ticket to go around the island, it was called the “Yellow line” tour that is located just to the side of the decking area, so we decided to buy it (18 euros).  The tour consists of boarding a small motorized boat and it takes you all around the island and blue grotto, unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to the cave because the waves were violent and the tides were high and it was unsafe to go inside.  We were very disappointed but the tour was still amazing without blue grotto so do not too disappointed if that happens to you because you will still have a blast! All I got to say in words is that tears came out of my eyes because of the beauty I was experiencing and how I wish I could share this adventure with my family.  The tour lasted 2 hours (without blue grotto) and our boat was called Luciana, after the trip we explored the beach and the island.

This is a view of the little town on the shore 😀

LOOK at that water!

This is the signature of Anacapri (a section of the Island)

If you are going to visit Capri, you must know that it is very expensive.  They charge for the restrooms (.50 euro) unless you eat in a restaurant and holy cow, expensive (at least for me a starving college student) and you can’t avoid the restroom because you will need to use it to wash you face because water will splash on you and you will have salt on your body and clothes and YES is noticeable. After the tour we went to the restrooms and then we decided to go to the beach, it was pebbly so not our style since we are use to sand and the beach area is very small, we put our feet inside the ocean but it was cold so we didn’t stay long.

After our small beach excursion, we hiked to ProCapri and Anacapri (parts of Capri), if you are doing this prepare for the thousands of stairs! Please take good comfortable walking shoes (preferably sneakers) and a hat and sunscreen was WATER BOTTLE, there are fountains there that you can refill your bottle! Do not worry is not poisoned is drinkable! The hike was exhausting but man was it worth every blister, muscle, and bone pain, the view was just stunning.

Stairs. So many stairs.

This was my reward for climbing thousands of stairs. STUNNING.

This is the natural arc, you can actually climb your way up there

By the end of the day I was so tired I was dying, but so worth it, the view was magnificent.  The WATER IS amazing, and the island is a poster card, one of those paradise postcards.  Unfortunately I am not a climber or very fit so I had to quit midway and go eat gelato and rest but if you are a champ (like Erick and Ali) you should do all of it.  When I left the guys, I tried to go back to the porto by myself and I got a bit lost, don’t be afraid to get lost (during the day not at night) because you find charming things and the people are willing to help you, at one point I had five or six Italians around me telling me where to go and what to do even if I didn’t understand much of what they were saying!  When I got to the bay I had to buy a souvenir, everything was so expensive but I found an affordable place called “souvenirs of time” and I bought a jewelry box made of shells for 10 Euro.  Then I went to buy the ticket for the ship to go back to the port of Napoli.

I definitely recommend Capri, but also try out the less touristy but equally beautiful island of Sorrentino! Is less touristy and a bit cheaper.


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