The woundrous Napoli

On my first night in Italy I went to sleep at 10:30 pm (or 22:30, the Europeans use military time) pm and woke up at 6:15 am, I felt well rested on no jet lag! (see don’t sleep during the day).  When we woke up we packed and it was time for us to begin our journey so we departed to Napoli (Naples), if you are traveling to another city or even country from your destination,  try to leave early in the morning to avoid the large crowds on the buses and trains.

We took the city bus (bus 30) to Bologna Stazione Centrale and bought our ticket to Napoli Stazione Centrale (Garibaldi) that cost 73 euros, we took the fast train Frecciarossa.

The train station

Inside the train station

If you buy the ticket online it might be cheaper, also if you are traveling with a partner you may choose a seat together but it is not guaranteed.  If you purchase the pass the day of your departure on the train station, whether it is on a kiosk or in person it may be the same price, but in person they might have more tickets than the ones they show online and the kiosk.  If you are indeed traveling with a partner please keep in mind that you may not get a seat together because the train is divided in “carozzas” so pay attention to what section of the train your ticket indicates.

This is how the ticket looks like: you can see the train number (you will look for that number on the departure signs on top of the station to tell you when and where to board your train), the carozza number, your seat (you must seat on your given seat…people will move you)

When were were searching for the platform to board our train, an individual approached us offering his help to carry our bags down the stairs,  althoug we kept saying “non, non”  and practically latched outselves on top of our suitcase, the man did not listen and he just kept helping us! Once downstairs he asked us for a tip which we did not giv him because we kept telling him no, he got a bit angry…so becareful with that.

When we arrived to Napoli, the difference between the station of Bologona and Napoli was prominent, there were individuals waiting on the gates offering their taxi services but we refused, the stazione was very crowded and chaotic unlike the Bologna station.  To make it even worse we had to wait for our host to get home because were arrived earlier than expected to Napoli, on a whim to save money we decided to walk to their place since it wasn’t far away, that was a bad idea.  If the difference inside the station was prominent, the difference outside was insane.  The city is beautiful in a run down way and what people call “shady”, but it was very beautiful (at least to me, Erick likes the ‘post’ stuff I like the actual culture) but our our attempt to get to our temporary home, the way looked dangerous and narrow, I have to admit that I was scared and didn’t want to walk, but Erick being crazy wanted to keep going so we did, until things got too shady for us and we decided to go back.

We decided that we did not want to get lost on a foreign place with our suitcase so we retreated to the station and we decided to take a taxi to the host’s home which was going to meet us at 3:15pm. we waited almost 3 hours.

If you can’t find a good looking taxi outside, ask an employee inside to guide you where to find a reputable taxi because we messed up.  First we were approached by a dude who was selling socks, he trapped Erick and sold him 3 pairs of socks for 4 euros, then we got a taxi and the man asked for the address, he started asking his collegues where it was! I didn’t want to take it but Erick said it was better than walking, inside the vehicle we noticed that he had no meter…that is when I told Erick that this guy was going to charge us the pearls of heaven for the ride, and Lord he did!.  

I reiterate my “crazy drivers” hypothesis because the roads in Napoli are very narrow and the guy just drove crazy! Then he kept asking the pedestrains “Atri? Atri?” he didn’t KNOW where the address was! After he finally found the street, which didn’t even take that long, maximum 10 minutes he charged us 35 Euros! I knew it was grossly overpriced and that the ride was at least 10 Euros but what could we do but pay?…so that was our first scam.  We then waited for our host inside the stablishment for 40 minutes and then when she finally arrived (Marcella) we had to go up five stories to get to our apartment with our suitcase! We only took one and our backpack and that was very tiring! So do not take more than one suitcase, trust me if you are planning to travel before or after the program, don’t do it.  Once we were in the apartment the place was absolutely lovely! big and cozy and the view was the most splendid of it all! We could see the whole city of Napoli on the rooftop! Beautiful! The ocean was visible, Mt. Vesuvius, Capri, Sorrentino, just wow…I recommend it.

The image from our “home”

After we left our suitcase in the room we went to explore Napoli, Erick initially did not like the city because it is run down and there is a lot of people selling items, but I loved it! That is every day life in that part of Napoli and is fascinating, you experience the culture! You get to see the beauty of the Italian people and their ways of living.

We walked for hours and stumbled to the bay where Castel Dell’Ovo and Castel Nuovo are located also the restaurants and even a miniature carnival! The city is amazing and the people are great and of course the food is delicious!  You could also see the lights of other cities, it was just amazing! We had an amazing time just walking around.

Castel Nuovo

Castel Dell’Ovo

City lights from the bay

If you are in Napoli you must drink a limonata because…delicious!, they have the best lemons in the Napoli area! When we were standing there drinking our limonade an Italian man approached us and talked to us out of the blue as if we were the best of friends! Then Eric and I went to have dinner at Stella, that restaurant is delicious and very cheap! Their specialty is the pizza and the Italian tradition is the margherita that only has cheese and tomatoes but the way it is seasoned or cooked is amazing! Erick got that one, I got the stella, it included cheese, ham, tomatoes and stuffed cheese inside the bread, it was superb! The best part? 17 Euros in total for BOTH of us. I love Napoli.  The night life is also fun, youth stay out at night and socialize and fireworks go off at night!  Definitely my favorite!

Here you go ya’ll!!


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