From LAX to Bologna Italy

This is a more detailed post of my Journey from LAX to Italy, also I practically copied and paste from the uclastudyabroad blog, I just don’t want you guys to not get as much the detail as the other page. Undocutravelers is dedicated for undocumented travel but ya’ll need to know about cool stuff too! Enjoy!

The day finally arrived for my trip to Italy, I woke up early in the morning to finalized all my bags and just spend time with my dad and brother.  It must have been the anxiety because I got a bit sick during the night, and even got in an argument with my brother, but in the morning all was well.  I was surpised at myself, I didn’t feel nervous or anxious, not even on the way to the airport, but the moment I saw the LAX sign…it hit me.  Out of a sudden I was scared, my hands were sweaty, and my stomach dropped, I realized that this was it, and that I will be going to a country which culture and language was foreign to me.  Inside the airport everything went too fast and is a bit of blur, international flights are usually on the Bradley terminal,

or “terminal B” you need to find your airline on the signs that are located on the cealing of the entrance of the terminal.  Once you find it seek the nearest parking lot, take the elevator and press the number “3” for parking lot 3 they take you directly to the terminal, but it might be pretty crowded so you might want to check out parking lot 2.

Once you are inside, look for your airline and go to the ticket box indicated on your pass, a person will direct you as well if you ask, have in hand you airplane pass in order to show it to the person in charge of the line for the box.  Also have in hand your passport as well since the individual working on the ticket area will ask for your information in order to give you a new ticket and to weight your luggage and store it at the plane, once all that is done you will proceed to walk towards the gates.  The gates are very noticebable because in order to get there you must go up the big moving stairs where people say goodbye to their loved ones.

My dad and I arrived early to the airport so we had an hour and a half before my flight to spare.  We sat down on the chairs and he gave me advice for my trip, we held hands and were just sitting next to each other in silence.  An employee of the airport that checks your pass to go up the gates saw us and smiled at me and told me to cheer up, that was very nice of him, but I had this dread and sadness because I really really wish my parents could experience what I am going through right now.  As I was going up the stairs my dad couldn’t stop waving to me, and I to him, I got in line for the inspection…and then I didn’t see him again.

When in line for inspection remove your shoes and if you are carrying your laptop, take that out of your backpack because they are not allowed to go through the scan.  Put all your belongings on the white baskets and go through the scanner, if everything goes right you will remove them from the baskets and collect all your belongings…you are ready to board the plane! There are many things to do on the waiting area but I didn’t do anything I just sat there trying to reach my dad but the signal was very bad and the internet sucked, so I couldn’t speak to him anymore.

At least with my Lufthansa flight, they organized us in rows; first class, bussiness, premium economy, and economy…it takes forever so be prepared to wait if you are in economy.  once in the plane things are small and narrow, luckily I got the hallway seat close the the restroom, so I had a bit more of room than the people next to me.  I have to warn you that the seats are very small, I am a short individual only 4”11 and I felt claustrophobic.  The good thing about Lufthansa is that they give you a pillow, earphones, and a blanket, oh and free movies all flight!! I loved that part because it is a long flight and some of the movies are new releases so I saw Oscar movies! I suggest you use the plane’s earphones because if you use yours one of your ear plugs will not work, the connection for them has two and you only have one.  I couldn’t sleep at all during the flight so I saw 3 or 4 movies, wrote on my diary, tried to sleep (unsuccessfully) talked to the guy next to me, complained about my rear end hurting, listened to music, ate Lufthansa food (not the best but not too bad).

Finally I arrived to Frankfurt Germany, in order to board your connecting flight you must go through customs, but they don’t check your passport and let you in.  The gate to go to the other flight was a bit confusing to find, but the majority of the employees on the airport speak English and they will help you, they are a bit curt but they are not rude.  At least for my Bologna flight through Lufthansa they took us to the airplane with a shuttle, it was very crowded because there was no room for people to sit, then we boarded then like in the movies, we walked up the stairs to board the plane.  My Bologna seat was comfortable, I had more room and I got the window, so I finally slept and I wasn’t dying anymore.  Once in Bologna the officials didn’t even look at me, they didn’t stamp or even checked my passport.  I walked straight (followed the crowd) and waited 15 minutes for my suitcase…I was officialy in the country! I walked and found my friend Erick and we took a taxi (make sure the taxi has a meter! I will explain later) to our place of residence for the night.

I am sorry this is late…but I had the craziest most wonderful week! I will try to post more this week!!


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