Layover Passport Stamp-Germany and my Bologna visit

The reason why I was terrified to go to France was because of the issue of the passport stamp, but it turns out that when I landed in Germany on my way to Italy because of my layover, they STAMPED my passport! When I arrived to Italy, the officials didn’t even look at me.  I am a bit worried about this unexpected occurrence but I can explain that I indeed studied abroad with pictures and letters from the professor, let’s see how it goes.  I didn’t think they would stamp on the layover but it makes sense now, first we changed planes and we were entering the Schengen zone! It is only natural that they will stamp my passport.  I tried to ask the Italian official for a passport stamp but they ignored me…oh well let’s see what happens!! Other than that undocutraveling is very easy once in the Schengen zone, no passport check or anything.

The flight was loooong, Lufthansa is a bit uncomfortable but affordable and is not too bad because they offer movies (recent) so I didn’t complain much! The plane to Bologna was more comfortable and I actually slept for a bit! 

When I arrived to the Bologna airport I had to ask the officials were my gate was since the Frankfurt airport is a bit confusing, the Bologna airport is easy because the facility is very small.  My luggage took forever to come out, but when it did I finally saw Erick and we took a taxi to our airbnb place.

The people in Italy are very nice, the guy sitting next to me in the Lufthansa flight was very nice and his mom too, the airbnb host was very nice as well and he gave us maps and left the house for ourselves! Nobody was there so we could do whatever we wanted, it was really close to the bus stop and the the center, it was perfect!

Today we traveled to Napoli (Naples) at first it looked very very sketchy and I have to admit kind of scary, but then we walked towards the castles and the ocean (Santa Luzia) it was beautiful! I like Naples way better than Bologna! Tomorrow we are going to Capri Island.

ohh and we got ripped off when we took a taxi from Napoli Centrale to our guest house (37 Euros) pssh but it was bound to happen! We are tourist after all!

Also the Italian people drive CRAZY.  They don’t stop at stop signs and the motorcycle people don’t even use the motorway but the sidewalk! The pedestrians too, they just jay walk like nothing! So we do it too hahahaha


2 thoughts on “Layover Passport Stamp-Germany and my Bologna visit

    1. of course! this is what happened i just haven’t posted the story yet…

      i got stamped when entering germany and not italy then i went to france and i didn’t get stamps either. When i came back to the U.S I didn’t get a stamp from Italy again but Germany…there was no issues when returning to the U.S 🙂


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