Erick’s Italian experience and my Lufthansa ticket.

Erick’s layover was in the Netherlands, he messaged me at 6:30 am (U.S.A time) informing me that they stamped his passport, although it was just a layover.  We immediately grew concerned because we thought that they were not supposed to stamp during layovers, also because we do not know what that means when he comes back to the United States.  To make it a little more concerning, they did not stamp his passport when entering Italy, he mentioned this, I told him to go back and inform them to please stamp his passport, he hasn’t given me any information since then.

The last news I got form him was that he was eating, hopefully he is doing ok and is having the time of his life.  The time difference between Los Angeles and Italy is approximately 9 hours, so he is probably as sleep.

If this happens to you, try your hardest to ask the officer to please stamp your passport when entering the country of your program, if not, it is a potential issue since your passport will reflect that you did not enter the country reflected on your advance parole.

I got my flight ticket through Lufthansa, they have what is called an “e-ticket” which means everything is electronic so you won’t freak out if you lose your information.  You can check in 23 hours before departure, so I did, I printed my boarding pass although I had the option to go to the kiosk.  The reason I did that is because I do not trust computers, also because I was informed that sometimes it takes forever AND they ask for a green card, a thing that I do not have.  If you choose Lufthansa as your airline and have an e-ticket you can retrieve your information and check in on “Lufthansa check-in” it is fairly easy.  I printed my pass for tomorrow, two tickets, the one from LAX to Frankfurt Germany, and the one from Germany to Italy.  I did not receive my pass for the returning flight, I suppose that is when the date of departure is approaching, I will also ask tomorrow at the airport.  

I leave tomorrow, I am very nervous…your prayers and positive vibes are welcome!


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