Undocutraveling to France!

After weeks of constant consideration Erick and me decided that we are going to France for 6 days after our study abroad program! We are very excited and cannot believe this awesome opportunity! We decided to fly to France, we also purchased a round trip.

Also as you know, we are undocumented students, so for us this was a very hard decision to make, but we decided that if you don’t risk it you don’t get the biscuit lol.  We know of 4 students that have gone out to Europe for study abroad and traveled within the Schengen zone so we are not too worried, I will let you know if we got stamped or not or if any issued arise on the border! Wish us luck! We are only learning Italian and I only studied French for 3 months but we will manage haha!

So here is the thing, we checked skyscanner.com which are very cheap airlines, but I also checked kayak.com and surprisingly found cheaper flights, so I bought the tickets through Kayak.  Also I will like to say a few things about cheap flights like Ryanir, Jet Blue and all those inexpensive flights: 

  1. Pay attention to the fees
    1. The downside to them is that sometimes they charge you for check-in baggage, and if you are traveling with people even if you want to sit next to them! So that is pretty messed up, the fees depend on the day, country, and airline so look into that.
  2. They are non-refundable and no cancellation
    1. If you do decide to fly over with the cheap flights make sure youa re going and will not be late! If you don’t make it you will not be able to cancel it and will not get your money back.
  3. If extra fees apply they will immediately take it from your card
    1. I know sucks, but that is the sad reality of cheap flights (so not too cheap after all)

We chose to fly because it is only 2 hours to get to France, and we have our luggage so training it is very inconvenient, since from Bologna to France is like 10 hours AND with your suitcase? Nope.  I will let you know if it works out nicely or not!

Good luck undocutravlers!


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