Advance Parole risks and how to tell your parents

Many of you have fears and doubts about Advance Parole, so I will try to cover some of the most common questions today.  Please keep in mind that I am NOT a lawyer, however, I do research my eye balls off and I work with the community, hopefully you find this helpful and if you have further questions do not hesitate to message me or if you have further questions about the process or your situation.

Doing it alone vs. legal help

If you are a person with NO criminal record, NO deportation proceedings, or something shady, you CAN do your Advance Parole application alone.  The process of gathering the documents is very easy if you start early, and the actual application is a breeze.  If you are a researcher however or need to leave the country and come back multiple times, you may state that in the application.  Keep in mind that multiple entries Advance Parole is NOT for everyone, you must have a very legitimate reason, also it is not likely that they will give it to you for more than a year, also you CANNOT get AP and leave to Nicaragua or something for a year then come back, if it is multiple entries you must come and go from the United States.  Multiple entries for work purposes and humanitarian reasons is possible, but for more details please email me.  

If you need legal help please refer to “Who to Ask at UCLA? Lawyer or Attorney” tab of the blog.  If you live in another state, please contact an immigration group (reliable) and inquire about lawyers.  


There is an 88% successful entry rate for Advance Parole, that includes TPS individuals, DACA individuals is higher than that, the 90’s.  However, keep in mind that if you have some type of record and didn’t consult a lawyer you might be at risk of not coming back to the country.  In addition, in the USCIS website it indicates that re-entry to the country is under the discretion of the immigration officer, BUT under law they cannot refuse you if you have your AP documents, a valid passport, a legitimate reason, and a CLEAN record.  Unless you did something terrible or you look suspicious they will not let you in. What do I mean by suspicious? If you posted something fishy online like “I will kill everyone on the plane” they might know.  You might think that is far fetched or an exaggeration, or I am a crazy conspiracy theorist who’s nuts. BUT NO. There has been cases where people have been denied entry because of social media, so please be mindful of what you post of Facebook.  They DO check social media, I have a connection at the offices and he said that YES they waste taxpayer’s money on looking people up on Facebook.


Advance Parole is very new for DACA recipients, we are one of a kind! WE are HISTORY! But with our awesomeness history- maker-selves comes great risks.  For instance, many airlines have no idea about AP, so when you are about to board the plane to the United States they will ask for documentation, you have to give them your AP to look over, some will have no idea what is AP, they will have to investigate and call and be skeptical.  DO NOT FREAK OUT is normal.  They will eventually let you board the plane, that is why you must be at the airport VERY early, be the first in line to board the plane so you won’t run out of time.  If you do run out of time, it is the airline’s responsibility to recompense you, if not, I suggest saving money just in case.  For the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, do not let this freak you out! But be cautious.  

CPB at the United States

Once you are in the country you will go through customs, immigration officers will be there, here is the nerve wrecking part. Some will be peachy, nice and respectful and you will have no problem and be happy forever.  Some will have an attitude but let you in and you will walk fast away from there.  Some will be total bastards, treat you with disrespect, be suspicious of you, probably make you cry and fart out of nervousness, BUT if your record is clean, although total and complete tools, they will let you in, you will run away from there like a man getting chased by a jaguar.  Please prepare yourselves against the dopeheads and do not freak out or get desperate, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, GET INFORMED, KEEP CALM, BE ELOQUENT. Just in case have an organization’s number ready or someone that is in the movement and has connections, or a lawyer’s number, this scenario is very very UNLIKELY, but always be safe.  

How to tell your parents

Naturally, parents will freak out and get scared because of the small possibility of things going foul.  There are many types of parents, some will accept it fast, some will hesitate, and some will threaten to dishonor you.  Be patient, tell them why, and how you are going, and the risks of AP, and ease them with your high positive statistics of returning.  If they are very discontent with your decision, don’t get angry at them, understand that they are terrified for you, assure them, and if they don’t want to listen, don’t be a jerk.  All you can do is prepare as throughly as possible, go, come back and hug your parents.  

I get it.  You want your parents to be there for you 100%, this journey is scary and anxiety is full force, this is something that we never thought would happen! Is CRAZY! But keep in mind that you have a huge community that will give you all the support and information that you need and want.  Go to Facebook, join the Advance Parole page (just type Advance Parole), join an immigration social justice group, surround yourself with security and support.  Although it sometimes feels like you are completely alone you are NOT.

Do not let a miniscule negative possibility hinder your potential, life is hard, life is full of risks, so RISK.  Your parents sacrificed, a lot when they left their native country, they left their country, family, friends, EVERYTHING. Don’t let it go to waste, fight, do something, prove that you are reliable, prove that you are an asset, prove to your loved ones, the ones who sacrificed everything that they didn’t leave everything behind for nothing.  Make them proud, because they left their life, maybe they left their happiness or part of it, a career, a million possibilities.  Make that worthwhile for them, and most importantly FOR YOU. Prove those people that call us wetbacks or like Rush Limbaugh calls us “lepers” wrong. Go to school, work hard, be good, fight for others, be generous, be charitable, join the movement, be the best you are for yourself, your loved ones, and those wetback-calling people.

God bless you, good luck.


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