Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card

This applies to everyone, whether you are going to Europe or not.

Last week I went to Wells Fargo bank and bought 500 Euros.  In total I spent 564 dollars for the currency, you might be asking how am I going to carry that much money? In various places of course, boobs, shoes, and I will invest in a money belt.  According to my interviews, a money belt is very useful because then there is very little possibility of losing your money and important documents or of them getting stolen by pick pockets.  My friends also told me to make various copies of your passport, and in the case of DACAmented students, your AP papers EAD card, just in case you lose them or get stolen.

Debit Card

Since you cannot carry 1,000 Euros (or any other currency) on you because it is unsafe, consider taking a credit card or even a debit card.  Keep in mind however that if you use your debit card there would be a fee, for instance, my bank Wells Fargo will charge me 5 dollars in the U.S and Italy will also charge me 5 dollars! I recommend to have cash with you from departure time! If you need to use your debit card to take out cash then do it, but do not over do it.

Credit Card 

Whether you like it or not, at some point in your trip you have to use a card, might as well use a credit card.  The fee to use your credit card abroad is only 3% of what you spend, so if you do not over spend and are cautious about your finances, then this is a better option.  If you need to pay your credit card you can do it online, and also track your finances the same way.  Please remember to go talk to your bank and register what countries you are planning to visiting, if not there is extra fees…well at least in Wells Fargo, but it doesn’t hurt to go and actually ask about your options.


Be cautious with your money and important documents! Have copies of your papers in various areas, your luggage, on you, and on your room.  If you are traveling and are staying in a hotel or a hostel or a B&B, don’t leave valuables! In fact don’t take very important and valuable things to your trip.  Do not be invested in your cell phone or walk with your earphones in turisty areas! If possible, travel with a friend! In Italy, my friends told me that men are very…enthusiastic, thus try not to be too flirty unless you want an Italian behind you half a day.  If traveling, try to carry light! Try not to look to turisty, that means no flip flops with short or flip flops with socks, do not be rude with the national monuments like putting your name on them.  Be respectful.

If you are going to Europe, DO NOT TIP, they take a considerable amount of time in restaurants to bring your food, and they do not rush you, so do not be impatient and make a scene.  That is their culture, therefore do not expect you culture is the culture of everyone.  Servers in Europe get well paid, so if you tip them, is going to be obvious you are a tourist and you are probably going to look like a dork.  

Learn the essentials to get you by before you trip, Doulingo app will help with that!

In the United States we do not like spare change, for some reason it is bothersome to us, however according to my sources, Europe is not the same, so do not throw away that change! Finally have fun! But remember you are still in school! Do not slack too much.

In any country you go to, try to learn their habits and what is rude and what is appropriate and expected.  I cannot emphasize this enough, seriously take time and learn them! They will help you make friends with the people and you will be more comfortable and won’t look like a noob 🙂


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