Airplane Ticket

Hi guys! After beating around the bush for weeks, I finally got my plane ticket! After much debate of what airline I should book I decided on Lufthansa.

Ideally I would’ve liked American Airlines because it is American and they are PROBABLY familiar with Advance Parole, however, I decided against them because their layovers was in London, and although if you have a transit visa (if you need one) is not an issue, I would rather be within the Shengen area where I do not need a visa or a transit visa.  In addition, I heard that British Airways are rather strict and a bit difficult with AP individuals (I interviewed people that acquired AP with DACA and other policies and circumstances and everybody said to avoid them), since American Airlines have a partnership with British Airways I decided against them.  Also, I found no flights with only one layover with American Airlines, and I would rather just change planes once in order to avoid going through the process more than once (you never know).

I tried KML, and honestly, if you can book with them, book with them! I heard nothing but wonderful things on them, the reason I decided against them is because they had no one stop flights and when I said “screw it, I will book it anyway” the website crashed on me, so I took it as a sign, besides, I didn’t want to delay another day because the prices go up and I was already nervous.

A few girls from the program said they bought their tickets through Lufthansa, so I decided I better go with them, better in a group than alone.  Lufthansa has a “e-ticket” method, that means you don’t physically see the ticket, except for your receipt, but everything else is online.  Hopefully it works! The ticket is roundtrip, I leave on June 23rd and come back on August 3rd.  One stop only in Frankfurt Germany, the layover is overnight, which at first I was upset, but then took it as a good sign for adventure, to see what good things are in Germany! If everything goes alright (I put everything on my charmness, and God) I will be back home on August 4th at 12:40pm.

Also, about hostels, hotels, and bed and breakfast I found a website called, they are good prices and honestly pretty cool, check it out.

I have to admit that when I bought the ticket instead of feeling excited, I felt scared.  I wanted to cry, ok, maybe I cried a little. I don’t even know why I was scared, it is just that miniscule possibility of not coming back to the United States, but also the fear of going abraod on my own, without the protection of my family.  But I am happy, and I am ready to embark on this new adventure by myself and grow as a person, and make one of my dreams come true, and also of my parents.

Take time to look for plane tickets, also to research living coditions but most of all be safe in your decisions!

Travel safely friends, good luck!


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