How To Finance Your Program

As a student with limited job opportunities and not enough hours is difficult to think of a way to completely afford our program, therefore, I am throwing at you a few ideas to consider for the following reasons:

Issue number 1) We are poor as hell

Issue number 2) We have no idea what is going on

Issues number 3) We have no idea what to do in regards to foreign currency

Final point: We don’t know anything.

This is what I have done so far in order to finance my trip, hopefully this somewhat helps you!

In terms of the program fee, apply to all the scholarships possible, from school and outside school.  This is were laziness is not acceptable, there are thousands of scholarships out there, you just have to take the time to actually research and do them, perhaps, this is a one time opportunity for you, so do your best!

FAFSA or CA DREAM Act, even if you are a senior please fill out the forms, try to do it early so you won’t have everything pile up on you.  Once you fill out your financial aid packet, please be on top of your summer application for financial aid, try to do it early, the majority of the time is first come first served, even if it is not, it doesn’t hurt to be an early bird.

In regards to the summer financial help, you won’t know how much you got, or if you got any, until mid or late may, so be prepared to wait.  If you applied for a scholarship you might be notified by the end of March.

Another option you might consider is sponsorships.  This is a little tricky, and unnerving, but if you are lucky, it will work.

This is what I did, I contacted corporations for sponsorships, it is easier to go to those companies where you have family or friends, or acquaintances working, ask to talk to their president and make an appointment, bring unofficial transcripts and a flyer of the program, and a letter of why you would be worthy of sponsorship.  This method is a hit or miss, but it is worth the try, thank the Lord I was lucky and got sponsored 🙂 Try it out! I know this is embarrasing, but if you are really in need you have nothing to lose, as an undocumented student, I had to try everything.

Make sure you go to your bank to ask if you can use your debit card abroad, if not, get a credit card, usually those can be used anywhere in the world.  In addition inquire about Traveler’s check and perhaps even having currency of the country you are trying to go deposited in your account. Once you are at your destination have some actual currency on you! You never know when you are going to need money (but not a lot, beause pick pockets).

If you are going to mingle, go with a group, the trip will be safer, and cheaper!!!

If you have a job, work your butt off lol no seriously!!

Good luck!!!


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