Traveling in the Shengen Area (Train vs. airplane)…HOSTELS

Good day everyone! This information is about traveling within Europe! I am 3 months away from Italy! I want to travel around the Shengen area, so this is what you need, and I need lol

I want to travel to France, Austria, and Switzerland. 😀

First of all, plane or train? I will say TRAIN.

Here is why: The train is more scenic, and hella cheap. Yes, it takes time to go to places, but everybody uses it and is CHEAPER. People from the United States are even luckier because we get a deal. For instance, If you don’t have a set schedule for your travels, you may get a rail pass. It gives you 2 months to go to places, and from those two months it gives you…let’s say 10 days to cruise around. Those 10 days are not restricted, you can use them whenever you want, and you can go from train to train on the same country without wasting a day.

I know, confusing. Let me clarify.

Let’s say I buy a pass that will take me to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France and I get a deal for a second class train for 10 days in 2 months, $438 dollars. That means that I may travel whenever I want in two months and can use those days whenever I want as well. In addition, if I decide that on Saturday I want to go to France and Versailles using the train, I can use my rail pass without wasting a “day”. Or let’s get adventurous and imagine that I want to go from Italy to Switzerland in a day, that works too. Include Italy (or whatever) on your pass..or just buy a global rail pass! If you don’t then you have to pay the train to come back to Italy (or whatever).

Don’t get on the wrong train! What if it goes to another country that is not included in your pass? BAM BAD.

You don’t want to travel outside Italy? Or whatever country you are located?

No problem, you can also purchase a pass for Italy ( get the jist) only, let’s say you purchase a 15 days in 2 months pass, you may use your days whenever you want. For a better deal please purchase in the U.S! Here is the link:

What is the difference between first class and second pass?

Almost nothing. The only difference is that first class is roomier, honestly, is not worth it, even the Europeans I know tell me that second class is better! Usually first class is for those pesky bussiness people. If you do decide to go for first class, that’s cool too, the price difference is very small.

P.S. If you need more days than what you originally bought for, just add more days to your pass in Europe! In a train station! It will cost you a little money, but the option is always there.

What about the plane?

This is another option, however is much more expensive and not flexible. This is not like the train that you can come and go whenever you like, you must make a schedule for this. For more information please refer to this page:…/transportation/budget-flights

Hotels or Hostels? Hostels.

Hostels are way cheaper, and you won’t stay like a week (you can) but if you are cheap like me I will only stay 2 nights. Hostels literally range from 23 Euros to 100 Euros! Very affordable! They are usually located in the middle of everything, and close to train stations. In addition, other back packers or travelers are also there, so you can make new friends (just be cautious, you know, because weirdos).

So what gives with the hotels? Well expensive.

Unless you are doing a bed and breakfast, there are some affordable B&B’s that are definitely worth it. Rembember to always yelp the hostels before you book them, look them up on or

Word of caution: Italy has gypsies (no gypsies are not bad people) but they are known for their extremely talented skills on pick pocketing…so please all the cash or valuables you have put them literally on yourself like pockets with zippers or something like that, my friend had a fanny pack, and BAM wallet got stolen! So becareful! Be observant!

Remember to be a student.  It all sounds fun and games, but you are there to learn as well, don’t forget to do all your homework before leaving.  I know this was a lot of information! It might cause a bit of anxiety in your soul, but remember that although 400 dollars sounds like a lot of money…it is not. Have fun! Be responsible 😉 Be safe!


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