Do you need a Visa?

HI guys! Happy Wednesday! Here a few other resources for you guys. This post is specifically for those who are going to the European union with AP! As you know the Europen Union has “open borders” meaning that they can travel within the EU with no visa. That “open borders” area is called the “Schengen area”

This is a list of the countries under the Schengen area that you can visit with no problem:…/

Depending from where you are, you will need a visa to travel around the Schengen area. For example if you are Mexican, you do NOT need a Schengen visa, here is a list of countries that need a visa…PLEASE READ (don’t be lazy):

If your plane is doing layovers on your way to your respective country, lets say you are going to France and you need to change planes in Spain and Austria, if you are staying there for a few hours then you might need a Schengen transit visa, this also depends on your country of birth. Please check on this website to see if you need a Schengen transit visa:

Finally, please check the consulate website of the country you are trying to go to! They might require you to get a visa!! Please google and look it up, don’t be lazy and ask without doing research first!

If you need a Schengen visa, YOU HAVE to check your country’s visa requirements! For example, If you are going to Spain, and they require a visa from you then get one, if you are traveling around the Schengen area and they require a visa from you, then also get one…so IN TOTAL you have to apply for TWO visas.

FINALLY, in the Schengen visa website it says that you need a visa if you are a “United States re-entry travel document”, that is only for U.S residents that are in the proccess of their green card or some other legal issue, since you are going to the EU with your passport of your natal country, that doesn’t apply to you.  Advance Parole is weird that way!

Seriously…we are in a methaphorical no man’s land…

A prepared individual is worth millions! So research! 😀


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