What to do if you put the wrong address or AP is taking forever?

If you haven’t received your receipt from USCIS or your document please call: 1-800-375-5283 OR check the website.

This applies to people that wrote their address wrong and just noticed, or the document got lost or stolen.

As far as I know, USCIS does not provide a tracking number when they send you the receipt or the document, but it usually takes one week or two to get to its destination.

If it does not arrive after two weeks or the date it has on your USCIS case status, (you can check your case status by typing your lin number…just google “USCIS case status”) please call or look at the following links.

If your case is outside processing time (taking too long) go to:


If you did not receive your notice by mail go to:


If you did not receive your actual document in the mail and it says you got approved go to:


Some officers are not as efficient, so if you got approved and are waiting for your document don’t be impatient, wait two weeks!

Have faith!


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