What to do in case they don’t let you board the plane?

Good evening!

Today was an active day for the Advance Parole group, good and things and unpleasant things~

A fellow undocutraveler was having a hard time in Mexico, he/she missed the flight to the U.S because the country where he/ she went were not familiar with Advance Parole (the undocutraveler is ok though! Phew!). From my understanding, the individuals on the airport were uninformed about AP, and were insisting he/she show a type of legal document proving that the individual was allowed to be in the United States. Although this event is unlikely, it is possible, therefore just in case bring the following things to your trip:

1)Advance Parole papers


3)EAD (Work permit)

If you do not have your work permit because something happened to it or it got lost on the mail or other factors bring a copy of the front and back of your card.

If you do not have your card or a copy of your card, then have the approval notice of your I-821D or the approval notice of the I-765 (or copies, copies are safer but you never know…what if they are stupid or jerks and they think you faked them?)

Also it does not hurt to have a phone number of an active member of the community or a lawyer or attorney of immigration.

Do not let this fill you with fear! Keep applying! Not every plane facility is informed unfortunately! So just be prepared! Be careful!

Do not let fear deter you from your potential! 😉


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