Who to ask at UCLA? What lawyer or attorney?

Advance Parole for DACA individuals is a historical process.  As far as I know an executive action for undocumented immigrants and its subsequent benefit for parole is completely new, so it is normal that many universities have no idea of how to start or have real recorded evidence of this phenomenon.  Although there are universities, like Berkely, that have wonderful information, and Facebook pages like “Advance Parole” and “Deffered Action” to help with the process, many students have questions on how to exactly fill out the application and how to gather the evidence.  If you have questions about this, please refer to the second square of this blog where it says “application instructions”.  Today, I will address UCLA students specifically, since I am a bruin, I know about who to contact for this information. There is also information for non-UCLA students looking for reliable legal help.

This is pertaining for the Italian travel study program, however, they can be contacted for any program, in addition, I suggest also contacting your county’s  director! This will help the faculty to get informed on the subject.

Emily Moon 


Study Abroad Program Coordinator


Ms. Moon provided me with a letter indicating what program I am attending and putting her information for reference.  I do not know about the other coordinators but according to my experience, she is the person to ask for assistance since she is already familiar with the AP process and the evidence that must be provided for the parole document and what the letter must contain.

Mauricio Cobian

Mauricio Cobian
Mauricio Cobian

International Programs Counselor


Mr. Cobian was the first individual I met when I started thinking about study abroad and he provided me with information from Berkeley.  He is already informed about the process, if you have quick questions about Advance Parole he is the first person you must ask. 

Angela Chen

If you have specific concerns go to the undocutravelers page (www.facebook.com/undocutravelers)  and ask or join the Advance Parole group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/AdvanceParole/?fref=nf).  

If you have a record or you were in the process of deportation before or after DACA or some legal concern, I suggest you go ask a reliable lawyer or attorney.  BUT if you are a clean person please do it alone! SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Meredith Brown (Attorney) 

Meredith is one of those reliable attorneys, she is not only an exeptional in her field but also an ally of the community and active in the Immigrant movement. https://www.facebook.com/AbogadaAttorneyMeredithBrown?fref=ts

Jessica Dominguez (Lawyer)

Jessica is famous within the Latino community, she is not only an advocate but also an activist and has done hundreds of succesful cases.  You can follow her on twitter and facebook, and follow her on national televesion as well. If your case is delicate and confusing she is the person to contact, she is pricier than Meredith, so only go to her when this is a very confusing case.  https://www.facebook.com/TheLawofficesofJessicaDominguez?pnref=lhc

Disclaimer: Those lawyers are just my recommendations, you do not have to feel obligued to contact them, there are various amazing attorneys and lawyers in the area, however please choose wisely because unfortunately there are many individuals that scam the community.


DO NOT GO TO A NOTARIAL OFFICE aka “notario”! They do not have legal training! DON’T DO IT!


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