Yesterday I shared a bible verse to my church members and the George (my friend that I love), it was Psalms 16:4, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”.  This is a beautiful verse, it means that we choose and decide to follow a path, but God gives us the means and guides us to our destination…sometimes it goes our way, sometimes it does not.  But OH LORD JESUS! This time it went my way!

I sent my Advance Parole document on January 29, and got approved on February 24! I actually did not know until today! I honestly cannot believe this happened! This is a surreal moment, everything is a haze, I thought I was going to cry, but I can’t cry…I feel like this can’t be happening hahaha! I feel like this will end soon, I honestly have no idea what I feel! But I am going!

As an undocumented individual I lost hope a long time ago that I could go study abroad but today that dream has come true! I told my parents and my friends! I just hope that everything turns out well, I am quite nervous, scared, but extremely happy!

My AP officer was very generous with my permission, I asked for 41 days…but she or he gave me 45 days! Wow! Very excited! Remember to ask for a couple of days more to get out of your respective country, just in case something terrible happens and you miss the flight.

I will be leaving the United States on June 21st, and will be coming back on August 3rd! My parole ends on the 5th but I am coming back early! 😀 yay!!

To those students hesistating to apply for Advance Parole…DO NOT hesitate, follow your insticts and dreams! Do not let fear take over your life! Defy the odds! We are warriors! What is one more push? NOTHING.

The Journey, begins NOW.

120 days left!!


4 thoughts on “Italy HERE I COME!

  1. Hi, i love your blogs 😊
    I have a question when you send your AP they ask what day will you be leaving? When i read the USCIS it saids it might take up to 3 month but then how do you know what day will you be leaving? Lets say i send the paper on june 2 and i want to leave july 15, but they dont approved for some reason until the day will they give me another daate ? O will the send me on the date i put ?


  2. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for your posts!

    My AP document says I’ve been granted a single departure from the U.S from Oct. 30, 2016 and return January 1, 2017 (almost 2 months). My AP officer was generous since I applied for a 2 week authorization. I applied for a teaching program abroad.

    HOWEVER, I am confused because of one section on the I-521L. The section that says FOR CBP USE ONLY reads “Parole period is valid until ONE DAY”. “ONE DAY” is in red ink. I am confused and I am wondering if your I-512L said the same thing. I just want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding my letter.

    Thank you so much for your taking your time to read this! : )


    1. I think you answered this question before a few minutes before this post.

      But here is the answer

      That doesn’t apply to you. That is for people that entered vital visas or other forms. That indicates that they are allowed entry to the U.S and they are paroled a single time, but I am assuming you have DACA, that does not apply to you since you have permitted prescence


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