Expanded DACA and DAPA blocked…and still waiting for AP

On Feburary 16 a federal Judge in Texas blocked expanded DACA and DAPA.  This is very sad news for the immigrant community, many individuals that were brought to the United States as children and did not qualify for orginal DACA (2012) but they did for expanded DACA (November 2014)  because of their age or date of entry, were supposed to apply on Wednesday February 18.  DAPA prospects, which are the parents of citizen or resident children was also blocked from the benefits.  It was a blow to the community.  However, I selfishly was concerned about original DACA, for a moment I worried that I was going to get my work permit taken away and get deported or something terrible…then of course I thought of my Advance Parole application, which is still pending since January 29, I thought they were going to deny it..but nothing happened.  It is funny and sad how my own selfishness clouds my sympathy and judgement when it comes to immigration.  I have friends and acquaintances that were deeply saddened and affected by the news, they were finally going to be able to work legally and have some sort of protection against border patrol, but all I could think about was my safety, my AP, my brother, my mom, my dad, and screw everyone else.

Thankfully, or hopefully, this is just an injunction, which means a delay…but it is still a blow, I do not understand why the government is the way it is…I am naive I suppose, or just tired.

Jumping to another topic, today is February 23, and I still have not received a word from USCIS regarding my AP.  They received my application on February 4, and on February 8 I received my receipt letter on the mail, but I have not heard word from them, I check my case status on the USCIS website everyday, but nothing.  I cannot help to freak out, maybe there was an error, or they forgot, or I messed up, or I got denied, or they won’t approve it, or they are going to approve it but won’t give me enough days, or they are going to approve it too late and I won’t be able to go to Italy.

Of course those fears are normal and I shouldn’t freak out, after all, I got here all by myself…I can take on anything that life puts in front of me…I always have done this, just do it, scared as hell, uncertain as hell…having no idea what I am doing but doing it anyway…still I feel insecure and I am doubting myself.

I pray that the wait will be over soon, not only for me and my friend Erick, but for all my fellow undocumented folks.

OH and WOOT the Mexicans! 😀 Inarritu, the Mexican director and producer won the Oscar for “Birdman”

Who said were not badass?


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