(January 24, 2015) Getting ready! (APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS)

After freaking out about my finances, I FINALLY have the money for the Advance Parole document! So I decided that today was the day to start the application.  AP (Advance Parole) for DACA recipients consists of the I-131 and the G-1145 (optional, this one is only to receive email and text updates about the status of your case), depending on your case you have to submit certain information, whether it is educational, work, or humanitarian reasons.  But for the purpose of this blog I am going to talk about the section of educational purposes (doesn’t mean you can’t ask me about the other two).

Example of how to fill this application below (sign in with google,  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT):


Other resources for you



To download the l-131 and the G-1145 (YOU CANNOT DO IT ONLINE) go to:



1)Letter of your institution or from your abroad program advisor saying who they are, who are you, where are you going, why are you going, and when are you going.  It needs to be an official letter, even better if it has the university’s logo, the writer needs to include who they are, preferably their email.  Also, it needs to have the program’s dates and where you are staying, and it will be good if they list the classes.

2)Letter of the professor or professors from the school you are trying to travel abroad (ex. the Italian professor from Italy).  Just politely asked them to write the letter with the same information listed above.

3) Offcial transcripts from your university, in most cases, abroad classes will not be included in your official transcripts, but they just prove that you are enrolled in a credible school.

4) A flyer of the program or print it from the study abroad page of your school, it needs to include where you are going, and the dates.  Preferably if it mentions the professor’s name, email, and the classes you are enrroled in, but if it doesn’t DO NOT FREAK OUT.

5) A copy of your passport (The part with your name, address and etc)

6) A copy of your employment card (The RED CARD)

7) Two passport pictures

8) Your l-797 notice for your l-821D (The fancy looking paper that you received when you got your DACA accepted) If you already renewed send your renewal l-797 notice NOT the initial DACA one! (I have a copy attached so you can see how it looks like)

approval notice

9) A money order or check of $360 to U.S Department of Homeland Security

10) A memo or letter that states who are you, where are you going, what are you doing, and why you are going.  An example below, please click the link.


The G-1145 must be on the top! So they can see it first. YOU ARE SET! Send it with a big yellow envelope to:

P.O. Box 5757
Chicago, IL 60680-5757


When you get to the post office please send it as certified mail (is safer)

Good Luck Friends!!


4 thoughts on “(January 24, 2015) Getting ready! (APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS)

  1. You are an inspiration! I love your blog because I can relate so much to you since I am undocumented as well. I plan to go to college/university and to definitely travel and study abroad! Keep up with the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi there!

        I totally agree with ZCUPOFTEA, I love what you’ve done with this blog and I recommend it to my DREAMer communities. I have a question: have pages of this blog been removed? I am looking for a post about the differences between education, work, and humanitarian advance parol. It was similar to this page, but it had pictures of what qualifies, and if I remember correctly, each category of advance parol had its own page. Anyhow, please get back to me when you can.

        Best wishes,



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