Finally the day has come! (January 29, 2015)

I woke up really early today 😀 It is time to finally send my Advance Parole application! I gizillion checked that my documents were in the yellow envelope with my G-1145 on top and sealed it, here is an example: Put the USCIS address in the middle, and YOUR address on the left top corner.

Don’t forget to certify it! Just tell them you want certified mail and also a stamp (to be safer)

Well, I finally did it! and no bad omens happened! I honestly tried not to be excited for the process, I didn’t even have time to get happy because of all the money I spent, school and work…but now that it is finally on its way to Chicago…I am so EXCITED! I haven’t told my parents much of the details because I am scared I will fail, but I am hopeful.  I have been looking at pictures of Rimini, the university, the surrounding cities and countries, and even the distance from Rimini to Pompeii or Rome.

Hopefully I get to travel around the country at least, my program is four weeks, but I requested 2 more weeks, let’s see if the officer will have mercy on me.  I also want to go to Austria.  My father loves Austria, he always wanted to go to that country, but sadly he can’t, I mean if he can’t  go to his native country to see his family…how is he going to go to Austria? The idea of being able to go to Austria and take pictures and videos and send it to my dad is so hearbreakingly exciting.  Heartbreak is my first reaction because it makes me very sad that my father perhaps will never go to Austria or anywhere…

I just hope that soon I will be able to send my mom and dad to Mexico to live their old age, so they can be happy with the remaining family they have still alive.  Is not fair that they had to sacrifice so much for my brother and I.  They sacrificed their family, and perhaps even happiness…I sometimes feel that they are not happy here, in fact they are miserable.  I feel guilty sometimes 😦

Excitement is also an obvious and prominent feeling! I will go to a foreign country! I never thought this will happen to me! 4 years ago I had no idea that DACA will grant me permission to work legally, let alone travel! This is a miracle, and also product of years of organizing.

*Shout out to amazing organizers like Justino Mora*

You know how sometimes things are too good to be true and you feel like any minute now this will be over and you will wake up? That’s how I feel right now, but I am hopefull that it won’t end, at least in a long time! Meanwhile I am dreaming of ITALIA, I mean come on! Imagine if I see the actual people casts of Pomepeii or the Vatican! Venice! Wow I will be the ultimate “UndocuTraveler” hehe

Who would of thought that I, Karla, will have that opportunity? Not me.


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