Bad omen? (January 28, 2015)

I have been trying to go to Italy, I believe I have told everyone and their mother…I have no reason to believe that I will be denied the Advance Parole, but today has been stressful, in fact, the whole process has been stressful.  First, the attorney that was supposed to charge me a reasonable amount of money, turned out to be expensive, so I wil do it alone, then the torture of school D: To over kill it, in order to apply for AP I need my passport, so I decided to make an appointment but I forgot the old one at the Coop! and I didn’t remember until I was already at the bus, so I couldn’t renew and I had to go another day.  Then after I finally gathered all the information and nicely assembled it into a yellow envelope, and was walking towards the mail room…I FORGOT my wallet at home…so I had to go back and get it.  When I arrived at the post office in a tragic telenovela style…BAM! I forgot my yellow packet.  I feel like this is a bad omen, like a sign that I am not meant to go or something terrible is going to happen. I will try to send it tomorrow Thursday hopefully I don’t forget my brain.  

Note of advice:

Please double, triple, quadruple check that your wallet, and specially your yellow envelope is in your backpack or your purse!

Don’t be like me…an airhead.


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