This is all new to me! (Karla)

You know how you plan things to the tee and it never goes your way? Yep that happened to me…AGAIN. I was supposed to write this on January 16 (yes I even had the dates planned out) but here I am, February 12, and a month late.  I guess that is how life works, you just have to go through the motions and make the best of it.  I am writing to you today because I am in the middle of a legal (and exciting…and scary)process, I am an undocumented UCLA student trying to go to Italy and not go broke. I know that is difficult for all students, undocumented or not, but we DACAmented (and unDACAmented)folks really need to hustle.  But is all right, we have character 😀

This blog will be for educational purposes! If you are undocumented I will show you how to fill out the forms and the requirements needed (look at the second post), keep in mind that this is the for the “educational purposes” part not humanitarian or work BUT I can show you exactly how to do those on my facebook page (  In addition to the legal process of Advance Parole (the papers we need to send to get out of the country and come back) for those going to Europe it will be helpful because I will show you how to take the train or the airplane, the prices etc. In short how to get around in Europe, even jumping countries!

If you my friend are not an undocumented student but just a pupil trying to find out about the wonderful world of ITALY or just scholarships and fundraising options I am here to help too! How to get an airplane or the train, how to deal with the books, the prices, such as restaurants, hostels and also to show you the sights of Italy, the experience, the vibe of the country! If you are between Spain or Italy, then I will show you why Italy is so worth it! There is always room for all of us!

I hope this will be a fun educational experience for you guys! Good luck!

I will love some feedback 😀


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